Rule 30.1. Exhibits in Jury Room

Rule 30.1. Exhibits in Jury Room

Unless for good cause the court determines otherwise, the jury shall take to the jury room for examination during deliberations all exhibits and writings, except depositions, that have been received in evidence.

Advisory Commission Comment.

This rule changes the long-standing practice in Tennessee of not allowing the jury in criminal cases to take the exhibits to the jury room for their study and examination during deliberations.

This rule, applicable in criminal cases, is mandatory unless the judge, either on motion of a party or sua sponte, determines that an exhibit should not be submitted to the jury. Among the reasons why a particular exhibit might not be submitted are that the exhibit may endanger the health and safety of the jurors, the exhibit may be subjected to improper use by the jury, or a party may be unduly prejudiced by submission of the exhibit to the jury.


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